I am working on a book featuring my National Park illustrations. My love of the parks makes me want to share the beauty and healing power that comes from each of these magnificent lands. I would like to feature some of your experiences in this book, if you would be willing to share. Below is a list of the parks I am still needing stories for.

I will send a signed print of your park to those who participate.

Please provide your park and 1-2 paragraphs, roughly 185 words, of the visual impression, what you saw and how it affected you.


By sending your story, you are giving me permission for me to use your story in my book, as well as in marketing materials.

Park stories still available

American Samoa, Big Bend, Biscayne, Congaree, Dry Tortugas, Glacier Bay, Hot Springs, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kings Canyon, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark, Mammoth Cave,  Sequoia, Shenandoah, Theodore Roosevelt, Virgin Islands, Voyageurs, Wrangell– St. Elias

Sample Story

The steam rose from the earth. Hints of amber, saffron and orange peaking through, as a round halo blanketed the sun as it rose.  Our breath became apparent as we stood in the brisk, damp air, like clouds forming with every breath.  As we stood along the Madison river, early in the day, we hoped to see some sort of wildlife, be it elk or bison, it didn’t matter, we just wanted to experience the beautiful morning with another living being.  Not long after the sun peaked over the horizon, we saw a large brown mass moving slowly toward the steaming river. This magnificent bison had ice crystals glistening in the sun, with steam wallowing above it. Then, they came. Dozens of bison, meandering with grace and power, and not a care in the world. I felt goosebumps and my breathe stopped for a brief moment. Yellowstone never disappoints. Every year for 20 plus years, our family makes the trek to Yellowstone National Park, knowing that we will be filled with the comfort and healing power that this magnificent piece of land, our parks

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